• Converted Slaughter Priest from Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar game world. The miniature is 32 mm scale and made of plastic. It is mounted on a 30 mm round Forest base manufactured by Micro Art Studio.



    1. Hello,
      This miniature is a converted Slaughterpriest from Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar game, which is to be used as a Goliath for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The rock it was standing on has been removed. The external demonic bone spine has been filed down and some skulls have been removed from the original sculpture. It is mounted on a 30 mm round plastic Forest base that is made by Micro Art Studio. The cost of the miniature is $30.00 unpainted. A fully painted and converted Goliath (as shown in the photos above) mounted on a similar Forest base would cost $60.00 total.

      Just let me know if you want me to paint one of these for you. I require a 50% deposit of the total cost for the project up front and I accept payment with Paypal. I will send you payment instructions after you confirm your order.



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